The Beast Novel by Areej Shah

Novel's Story

The Beast is a unique novel by
Areej Shah, a famous creator of Urdu novels. The novel is a horror tale of three boys who commit an sudden crime and turn out to be in prison. The novel shows how they face the problems and horrors of jail lifestyles. It also reveals the secrets and mysteries that surround them.

The novel has three fundamental characters: Ali, Saad, and Zain. Ali is a clever and brave boy who tries to guard his friends from the risks of jail. Saad is a kind and loyal boy who follows Ali’s lead and supports him. Zain is a spoiled and smug boy who does not care about anyone however himself. He often causes trouble for his friends and others.

The novel has a quick-paced and suspenseful plot that keeps the reader hooked. The novel has many twists and turns that wonder and shock the reader. The novel also has a few horrifying and disturbing scenes that make the reader experience the fear and pain of the characters. The novel has a strong narration that makes the reader experience like they are witnessing the activities first-hand.

The beast is a novel so that it will appeal to the enthusiasts of Urdu novels and horror stories. It is a unique that explores the themes of crime, punishment, friendship, and survival. It is a singular so that it will make the reader think and experience. It is a unique in an effort to no longer permit the reader overlook it easily.

But what is the real reason behind the boys’ crime? What is the dark secret that Zain is hiding from everyone? And who is the mysterious beast that haunts them in jail? To find out the answers, Read the novel till the end.